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Results for Stadium Snappers LLCC

This past Sunday, the Manna's presented with a small contingent of swimmers at the Stadium Snappers Meet. At this meet, the self-marshalling was in place to get swimmers prepared for Nationals. It was off to a slow start, but really it ended up being similar to what everyone is used to at any other pool event.

It was great to see Simon Lyons back with the team after enjoying his time working up north. He managed to smash out a 30sec 50m Butterfly... but enough about how one can do that without training! Anyways, Captain Jen had some PB's (Peanut Butters that is) but was encouraged none the less by the team (and later in a reply text from Barb Pellick as it comes down to the current increase in training volume). So we will go with that.

We ended up having enough swimmers to make up a men's and a women's 4 x 50m freestyle relays after two late entries but were reluctant to do so. And Coach Mike had a big day planned with his grandchildren so he was ready to leave after his three individual (breaststroke) events were completed.

Our ladies always put in their best, namely Gerda, Pauline and Rosemary and all while looking so beautiful and graceful! Rosemary got a bit chatty to the officials on the block for her backstroke event, she had to mention how cold the water was, or at least we think that is what she said.

Impressive was John Cahill's 50m butterfly - well done John! Lindsay Wiland had a great meet also, and his focused training sets are starting to show in competition. Special mention to Ingrid and her teammate Emi (the breaststroke queen) who sat with us but for some odd reason were wearing Rockingham caps - not sure what that is about!

Post competition, there were plenty of sandwiches however, Simon was reluctant to dig in first as he was feeling notably guilt-ridden, must have been because he outperformed everyone with his 50m butterfly... without training! The food was soon demolished and sadly, none of our team managed to snatch any raffle prizes. Our small and an indeed mighty club would have won the Handicap award - if there was one. But it was nice to be acknowledged for our greatness.

Next pool competition is Sunday 26th November 2017 at LeisureFit Booragoon hosted by the Melville Masters. Please let's have all hands on deck, or rather, all swimmers in the pool for this last Manna targeted meet of the year. Click Here for the flyer.

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