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2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 11

Hooray! Everyone completed our big inter-island swim, crossing from the East coast of Kefallonia to Polis Bay on the island of Ithaka. Even Linda, who prior to the swim was adamant that she was not going to swim the full distance, completed the swim. Largely due to Noa her swim guide who, near the end of the swim, when she asked if she could get out of the water and into the RIB told her "No, shut up and keep swimming". After having experienced the sense of achievement by finishing the swim, she freely admitted she was glad he did.

In the process of completing the swim, numerous PB's for distance swam were set. Special congratulations goes to those who don't regularly compete in Open Water Swimming events, including; Linda, Ann, Jim, Greg, and Wayne. Well done to them and the rest of the swim team!

Conditions for the swim were good, we were largely shielded from a 10 to 15 knot westerly by Kefallonia. However, from the middle of the channel its effect became more pronounced. Pink and Orange groups opted for the 5 km swim, while Yellow started from the tiny island of Daskalio which reduced the distance to 3.8 km. Pink completed the swim in about 1 hour 45 minutes, with Orange and Yellow finishing together in a credible 2 hours 15 minutes.

Back on the boat we headed to the fishing village of Fiskardo on Kefallonia. This is described as a "cosmopolitan harbour". When we arrived and sat down for lunch at yet another pretty harbour-side cafe, at that stage we were excited to explore the shops after lunch. However, in the space of 10 minutes three fully loaded ferries arrived and vomited hundreds of tourists out on to the docks. This then changed the atmosphere to more like a cross between Rotto and the Royal Show on a busy day!

It was a weary bunch who clambered on to Mowgli for the two hour motor back to Geni. Some slept, while most chatted. Glenda learned her first Greek swear word and spent most of trip putting it to good effect.

Normally, we would all celebrate such an accomplishment over dinner; however, this turned out to be somewhat, but not completely, subdued because tomorrow is our last swimming day and we have to back up for a 3.4 km swim, which will be tough as there are many sore and sorrow folk amongst us!

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