2017 Greek Island Swim - Blog 9

Our third day of swimming started as usual with breakfast an hour before boarding Mowgli at 9:00am.

It is great see the group really bonding on this trip. None more than Jim and Kirk. To see them rubbing suntan lotion on each other prior to each swim brings a tear to your eye and is indicative of how close some of us have become.

Today is Deb's birthday! Her arrival on the Mowgli this morning was greeted with a rousing rendition of happy birthday.

Our first swim of the day was an hours motoring away to the island of Arkoudi. We were scheduled to complete a 2km swim on the east side of island but a strong easterly breeze meant a change of plans. Instead we swam, along the west side of the island.

This is the first time BigBlueSwim had tried this particular route. It was very different from our previous swims. The water was slightly sloppy and the even though we were never more than 10m from shore the bottom would disappear into the deep blue depths. You would never swim in this type of location in Australia, because something would surely rise from the depths and make a meal of you. You know you are swimming in Greece, because we were continually being hit by Sardines jumping out of the water. So much so, Noa our guide had to empty them out of the RIB as he motored along beside his group.

Once we were all back on board, it was off to lunch at a harbour village called Sivolta. Sivolta is the antithesis of yesterday's lunch stop at Kalamos. I would call it the Claremont of the Greek seaside villages. A well protected bustling harbour full of yachts of every size and lot's of cafes and shops. It was at one of these shops that Erica found the perfect swim cap for the club (see the photo of Erica and Steve's mothers modelling the cap).

After lunch we headed a short distance to Mikros Gialos for a shoreline swim along the bay's western shoreline. Another terrific swim finishing at a delightful beach just around the corner from a major tourist town.

Back on Mowgli for the journey back to Geni, where we all stopped for a beer or wine to toast Deb and sing her happy birthday again. Chatting together we couldn't help admire and congratulate Linda and Ann on smashing their own PBs for distances swam. At this point Jenny became very jealous of the attention they were getting and she smashed her wine glass Greek style to get the attention back on herself.