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Thank you Lyn

This year marked the end of an era as Lyn McPhail has produced her last Annual Club Photo Album.

For at least the last eight years, Lyn has been the Club Photographer and has put in an enormous amount of work into photographing, printing, annotating and publishing the Annual Club Photo Album. These Albums are a pictorial history of the Club - it's highlights, as well as social and competition events. Each photograph and newspaper clipping in each Album has its own unique hand written caption. In addition, Lyn spent hours archiving her entire photo collection to CDs, so that they could be saved and uploaded to the Club's Website Photo Gallery. The albums are kept in the Club office at MARC should anyone like to have a look at them.

At the Fun Relay Sunday on May 28, Lyn was presented with a small gift from the Club in appreciation and recognition of the countless hours she has devoted to Mandurah Masters.

Thank you from all us.

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