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Ryan Spencer's Swimming Workshop

Eighteen Mannas attended a special session at MARC on Sunday morning, 23 April. The session was prepared and presented by Ryan Spencer, a Manna for many years (on and off) and an excellent swimmer and coach.

The session addressed some of the issues that impact on Masters swimmers as we age, including the forlorn attempt to achieve the times we had when 30-years younger. While it is freely acknowledged that as we advance in years our bodies change, it is still possible to swim more efficiently. And Ryan displayed a pyramid to illustrate that technique is the foundation upon which everything else is layered. If the technique is faulty you will expend more energy than you need to swim the same distance. Good technique can also minimise injury. How do you improve technique? Practicing helps, but by swimming the drills as set by your coach and implementing whatever changes you need during the main sets, your muscles and neural systems will adjust over time.

Ryan covered areas such as flexibility, endurance, speed, recovery, and nutrition, as well as the importance of maintaining balance in the water (not allowing your feet to sink (see technique, above)) and streamlining (being as least resistant in the water as possible – (see technique, above)). A short drill session was held after the presentation during which Ryan offered swimmers suggestions as to how to swim more efficiently. It all starts with technique.

Ryan gave all attendees something to consider as they prepare for their Doddi’s swims and pool training nights.

On behalf of Mandurah Masters, a big thank you to Ryan for sparing the time to share some of his knowledge of swimming with us.

Thank you Ryan.

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