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Tips for New Club Forum Members!

Just a bit of guidance for those who have joined or are thinking of joining the Club Forum.

Once you have signed up as a member, the Forum page allows you to navigate to (at the moment) one of four "Categories" of interest and "Comment" on an existing post, "Create a new post" or "Follow" a post or other members. For each Post, there are other options for sharing, liking, reporting, etc.

In the top right hand corner of the main Forum page are four icons (see red ellipse in the image above), from left to right they are:

  • Search field - search for posts based on keywords

  • Members list - A list of all Forum members

  • Notifications list - A list of all notifications sent to you based on your notificatin settings

  • Member settings - Your profile and notifications settings, as well as a log out.

In your Member settings, you can edit your "My Profile", your notification "Settings" or "Log out".

By editing your "My Profile", you can change your display name from the default email name, add a photo favicon image for yourself and a background photo for your member info box.

Hopefully, this information will help you get started.

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