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New Club Photo Gallery Added to Website!

Another new idea we have been experimenting with is storing and sharing the club photos online. To that end, a new club Photo Gallery web page has been added to the website. This page can be found by clicking the "Gallery" tab on the main menu.

The purpose of the photo gallery is to provide members with "anytime" access to the club photos. Clicking on a photo on the Gallery page links to the respective "Album" of Club Photos stored on Google Photos and provides members with the ability to add comments to the Album or individual photo, as well as to be able to download photos.

To prevent unwanted visitors access our photos, this page has been set up as a "Members Only" page. To access the photos you can log in using your email and password set up for the Forum page, or if you have yet to do that, you can sign up with your email and a password. As with the forum, each person signing up will need to be approved before they are granted access to the page.

Please be patient as there may be a time lag between you signing up and being approved. You will receive an email confirming your approval.

As with the Club Forum, please bear with us if there are a few teething problems as basically we have no idea of what we are doing and attempting to set this up has progressed way beyond our ability and comfort zone.

If anyone has any questions or feedback please feel free to email your queries and thoughts to

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