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Special Training Night for Mandurah Masters LLCC

With less than 1 month to go until the Mandurah Masters LLCC on Sunday 2nd April 2017, its time to get serious about your swimming. To that end, Coaching Director Mike has booked 4 x 25m lanes at the deep end of the 50m pool for a Special LLCC Training Night on Thursday 16 March at 6:00 pm. The training will be followed by a BYO BBQ and swim debrief and general chat.

The idea of booking 25 m lanes at the deep end of the 50 m pool is to replicate the conditions of our meet coming up two weeks later on Sunday 2nd April. The intention is to give members an opportunity to do some timed swims for their chosen events, as well as allow everyone to practice starting and turning at the deep end of the pool.

Our own Mandurah Masters LLCC is the event where we need all our swimmers to enter and make sure we beat all the other clubs. You only need to be able to swim 25 m and I am pretty sure everyone can manage that!


  1. 100m Butterfly

  2. 100m Backstroke

  3. 100m Breaststroke

  4. 100m Freestyle

  5. 50m Butterfly.

  6. 50m Backstroke

  7. 50m Breaststroke

  8. 50m Freestyle

  9. 25m Butterfly

  10. 25m Backstroke

  11. 25m Breaststroke

  12. 25m Freestyle

  13. 100m Individual Medley

  14. 4 x50m Mixed Freestyle Relay

  15. 4 x50m Mixed Medley Relay

Click Here for more details.

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