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2017 Rottnest Channel Swim

This year we had a record number of Mandurah Mannas swimming to Rotto and not to forget all those volunteering as support crew or just being there to support the swimmers at the start and finish.

Congratulations to soloists Ingrid, Barb, Wayne, Ray and Jeanette, as well as the "Doddi's Duo" Glenda & Hazel and the "Bad Mannas" team of Deb, George, Sue and Ken. Having spent the day on a boat watching, my hat goes off to you one and all for attempting such a feat. Well done!

Although the conditions looked ideal, a strong current (and later the sea breeze) made the crossing much more difficult than expected. This was evidenced by the generally slower than expected times that were recorded.

The results of the race can be found if you Click Here.

Videos and more photos to follow soon.

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