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Busselton Jetty Photos & Results

The 2017 SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2017 was held on Sunday 12th February, in what was generally considered "as rough as it gets" conditions, which took a toll on a starting field of 1573 Solo and 460 Team swimmers as 76 Solo and 26 team entries were recorded as DNF.

Enter the 33 strong Mandurah Mannas team - a tour de force - reveling in the challenging conditions. Even first timers Jennifer, Steve, Ann, Colleen, Paul and Jane did not flinch.

For the full race results, click here to go to the Bluechip results page.

Rather than simply look at each swimmers time, the table below lists Mandurah Mannas Solo swimmers's results across all Genders and Age Groups in order of their relative Gender Age Group Performance. The ranking uses the FINA point system (see explanation of formulae below) applied to this event only; i.e. Gender Age Group winners scoring 1000 (shown in last column) and subsequent swimmers in the same Gender Age Group less than 1000.

Doing so "normalises" performances on the day taking account of Gender and Age, which casts a different light on the relative performance of many Mannas who otherwise may have been disappointed if they had only focused on their time in isolation. (Of course, if you have Paul Blackbeard in your Age Group nothing is going to make your swim look good!!)

For the mathematically minded, the Best Gender Age Group Performance based on the FINA point system, which in this case is calculated from each swimmer's time relative to the best tiime in their Gender Age Group on the day, expressed as a number up to a maximum of 1000; i.e. 1000 x (Time - Time Behind Cat)/Time)^3.

For example, if your time was 1:30:00 and you were 30 minutes behind the winner of your Gender Age Group, your overall all score shown in the last column would be 296, calculated as 1000 x ((90 - 30)/90)^3.

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