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Draft 2016 Club SC & LC Records

The Masters Swimming Australia's Results Portal provides the short course and long course swim records for all MSA members from 2002 onwards. Up until this year, the Club Records going back to the early 90's have been based on the best short or long course time for each record, rather than having to take on the more onerous and time consuming task of manually keeping separate short and long course records.

With the advent of better computers and new software that stores Club Records in short and long course format and automates record matching and updating after each event, it is proposed for 2017 onwards:

  1. Long and short course club records will be kept;

  2. These records will be updated progressively during the year after each event and made available on the website; and

  3. The records will also be displayed on large boards at MARC.

To that end, many members have spent many hours converting the existing combined records into a set of Draft 2016 Club SC & LC Records. Those helping have tried their best to ensure that all the records are correct; however, we would like to enlist the help of as many club members as possible to check the attached records with their own personal records to ensure their are no errors or missing or incorrect information.

For those interested in better understanding the basis of these records, or if you have any queries, please email your requests or queries to

One of the initial benefits of having both long and short course records is that there are no records for many long course events, which gives all members a chance to set a new club record. In fact, a "Records Setting Day" is planned for an upcoming Sunday morning in the near future - stay turned for more information.

We encourage everyone to check through the records and you might be pleasantly surprised to find you hold a club record or two.

Note: Our champion swimmers whose club records are also WA, National or Word Records are noted accordingly.

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