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2017 MSWA LiveLighter Pool Events Calendar

The 2017 MSWA LiveLighter Pool Events Calendar is available, Click Here

In 2017, there will be a trial where all meets are "open" to all Clubs; i.e. no longer will Clubs be invited and eligible for points at particular meets, but not others. There will be a cap on the number of entries on a first-in-best-dressed basis. This change is "intended" to try and attract more entries to the events. In the past, individual entries may have been accepted at any meet, but such swims would not have attracted Club points.

Importantly, our own LLCC will be a short course event in the outdoor pool on 2 April 2017.

It is likely as a Club we will target particular meets next year. See Captain Mike for more information.

With the first LLCC on 19 February, all the more reason to get down to training on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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