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Shark spotted at Doddi's Beach!

A shark was spotted at Doddi's Beach this morning on arguably one of the nicest days this spring. The sighting came as quite a shock to the Mandurah Mannas who regularly swim at Doddi's Beach and had previously thought it was safe.

Based on photographs taken by witnesses, the shark was identified as Coachalotofus Bennettpooli commonly known as the "Pool" shark. Sightings of this species away from it's natural habitat are extremely rare. Many experts believed that this species could only survive in chlorinated water, but this has proven to be a myth.

This species has been blamed for the majority of unprovoked coaching sessions that have occurred in recent years. It favours warm, shallow, chlorinated pools and is most commonly found inland. Feeds on unsuspecting swimmers, especially those doing breaststroke in the 60 to 64 Age Group. It is often spotted at pool competitions, where its prey congregates.

Please report any future sighting to the SharkSmart website.

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