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Training Session Pool Etiquette

It is very pleasing that numbers at training are improving with the weather. Just as a reminder for the comfort and safety of all members included below is a copy of the rules for "Pool Etiquette" from Appendix D of our By-Laws.

Generally we have three lanes available at our training sessions. They are divided into: slow – medium – fast lanes. Usually we swim in a clockwise direction but sometimes we may ask alternate lanes to swim anti-clockwise so that each lane is then swimming in the same direction when the swimmers are closest together, so there is less likelihood of swimmers arms clashing together.

There are NO set numbers in each lane, BUT for convenience, and to enable ALL members to gain the maximum benefit from the training session, we would ask that if there is a large number of swimmers in any particular lane, then a couple of the top swimmers from that lane should move up to END of the next faster lane, OR a couple of the slower swimmers should drop back TO LEAD the slower lane, depending on the numbers in the other two lanes.

Please do not swim at the heels of the swimmer in front. Leave a gap of 5 (five) seconds between yourself and the swimmer in front – use the ‘pace clock’. Sometimes you might need to leave a bigger gap. You should be able to judge how much gap you will need to leave so that you do not catch the swimmer in front and at the same time do not hold up those swimming behind you.

If you still find yourself catching the swimmer in front, then please move up a position at the next set. You will gain more benefit yourself and you will not annoy the swimmer in front by consistently touching their feet or by being on their heels at the turns.

If you feel the following swimmer consistently touching your feet then, when you next reach the end of the pool on that lap, pull well to the non-turning side and allow them to swim on through, do not stop in the middle of a lap. Then either start immediately behind them IF there is space to do so, BUT if the following swimmers are banked up then wait for the last swimmer and then tag along, re-joining your position at the start of the next set.

When swimming more than one lap, as you approach the end ready for a turn, move over towards the opposite side of the lane so that when you turn and push off you do not run into the swimmer behind if they happen to be close.

If it is only a single lap or at the finish of a set, as soon as you touch the end of the pool move out of the way so that the following swimmer(s) can swim right to the end wall. If you are not swimming (for whatever reason) and others are, always leave the ‘key-way’ clear for them to turn – that is DON”T stand in front of the black “T” at the end of the pool.

We all have different abilities when it comes to different strokes. If you are better at a particular stroke, then when it comes time for a set of that stroke, please move up the order in your lane, do not hold back and then swim over the swimmer in front of you. Similarly if you intend to use fins for a set, then move up in order.

There is no set order in each lane, do not think that just because Joe or Jane were leading when you first joined the training that THEY always have to be the leaders. Sometimes they may be suffering an injury or just feeling a bit lethargic, and would appreciate the ability to drop back a place or two. Similarly if you want to push yourself, even if it is only for a set or two, move up a couple of places. Remember there is always plenty of room at the front of the lane.

Most of all, remember the Masters Swimming motto: FITNESS, FRIENDSHIP and FUN. We all want to get the most from a training session, we are all adults who set and know our own limits nobody wants to be aggravated or pushed beyond their own limits by an inconsiderate swimmer.

Thank you and enjoy your session.

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