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President's Prattle - August 2016

(We all know what a super President we have. This photo shows another of his super powers with him literally "flying" off the blocks at Narrogin a few years back! - Scoop)

Another good turnout at the pool yesterday for our monthly morning tea. Look forward to meeting many of you at the pool on the last Sunday of next month. It was terrific also to see so many keen swimmers enjoy what was a “Doddies” challenge this Saturday with rough seas, a strong current and pounding rain….sounds perfect for a swim doesn’t it? A number or hardy “spotters” kept a keen eye on all in the water, no doubt thankful that they were not required for any rescue. The emphasis on water safety this year has made a greater sense of security in the water. (Very exciting after the swim to see John and Helen enjoying a coffee at the Dome. Evidently this is an acclimatisation visit by John in preparation to actually getting wet before having a coffee.)….Keep your eyes open for an announcement around an intra-club handicap challenge swim at Doddi's, probably in November after the water warms a little…rumour has it that Cap’n Mike is girding his loins for the event??

There are some good pool events coming up including the Bunbury Skins and some distance 800 and 1500m events, before the All Club Challenge. Keep your eyes open for these. The State Open Water swim will this year be at the Freo ocean swim later in the year, so this will be the second State OWS this year as our OWS calendar gets a revamp.

With pride, the Club has entered our tireless and most recent Life member, Wayne, for the City of Mandurah Sports Awards, Volunteer of the Year award for 2016. Wayne has a good chance to follow Ken (last year’s winner) as a winner of this award, as his credentials are strong. We keep our fingers crossed on this one, but regardless of the judge’s choice, know that in Wayne we have a fantastic club contributor. We have also entered our group as the “Club” of the year….’cos we reckon that the Club is progressing pretty well!!

There are whispers that the 2018 National Masters Swim may come Mandurah’s way. The final decision is still to be made by the national committee, but it seems the pool management put forward a good case for this to be the venue. Will give the club a real boost should this come off??

I enjoy listening to the banter from swimmers. Amongst this I have heard a number of ‘goal-setting’ statements, such as “a first Busso,”… a Rotto duo,… a sub 30sec 50m…a first pool comp….Setting your goal can be a great motivator.

Well, keep swimming and look after each other.

Steve C

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