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Man-KK-ini Challenge lives up to hype!

A strong contingent of around 30 Mannas turned up for a day when too much fun was not enough. The weather suited the indoor pool, so there we all gathered.

The fun and games started with over 20 competitors in the water divided into four teams competing in relays, but not your normal relays! From poolside, a bevy of spectators watched as Head Coach John put the teams through their paces in some unusual Relays (all captured by Ivan in the photos above). The Relays included:

No goggles, wet shirt and sunglasses Relay Where each swimmer in the relay had to change into the T-shirt and sunglasses worn by the previous swimmer. Some Mannas were very quick at getting their kit off!

Push a Kick board stacked with Pull Buoys with just your nose Relay

Where each swimmer pushed a kick board from end to the other with just their nose, only see a pull buoy added on top for the next swimmer's return journey, which soon became a teetering stack of 5 pull buoys.

All swimmers connected Relay A sprint up and back with 5 swimmers in a line, holding each other. While most teams shared the load, in a herculean effort Trent swimming at the front single handedly towed his whole team of 5 swimmers up the pool and back.

Noodle Relay

Where each swimmer had to use a different part of their body to get a noodle from one end to the other. No noodles were harmed in this event although some were embarassed.

Unfortunately, several teams were DQ'd for cheating, while the rest got away it!

The last three photos relate to the headline event the Man-KK-ini Challenge - a 25m Backstroke Race between Kirk and Ken. Kirk hadn't slept for a week worrying about it. Ken was quietly confident. Cathy was in denial. The finish was amazingly close with Kirk pipping Ken at the wall and at the same time setting a world record. Ken was philosophical and a good loser, immediately putting on the Mankini and swimming a lap and running around the pool much to the appreciation of all the spectators and setting a PB in the process.

Special thanks to John for organising the fun, Helen for not pushing John in (it was so tempting!), Kirk and Ken for the entertainment and all the other Mannas who came to compete or spectate and enjoy the great morning tea and copious quantity of food everyone brought to share.

No doubt the success of the day will be the seed for a series of future Challenges - so keep an eye open for the next event.

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