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OMG - Dome Closed on Monday 1 Aug!

Despite Doddi's Dome being closed on Monday 1 August, swimming is still on. However, Paul's soup will not be enough to go around so everyone please bring a Thermos with their favourite brew and appropriate dress for our outdoor Clubrooms!

Today (Saturday 30 July) an enterprising team of swimmers took to the water with the westerly wind and swell picking up ahead of a front crossing on Sunday. The general consensus was the water was not as cold as it has been.

Our on-the-spot photographer Ivan took these great shots of proceedings. Starting top left and reading right to left then down the captions should be:

"And there off and swimming" "Ugly pack jostling for position" "Steve F keep your head down!"

"Erica & Ingrid leading the way" "Guy a close 3rd" "Brett stopped for a body surf!"

"Erica & Ingrid having a chat" "Jet Ski's joining the fun" "Ray & Guy wishing they had a Jet Ski"

"Ray & Guy give up on a Jet Ski" "Barb pointing to the Dome" "Guy, Ray and Steve F heading to the Dome as fast as they can"

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